Welcome to the WClub’s VIP Club.
At WClub we take pride in taking care of our customers and providing top notch customer service. All our loyal
customers are invited to join this exclusive club! Hit target already automatically join! Steady lah!
As a member of WClub VIP Club, players are entitled to the different perks we offer. You come support we also want to
make you happy lah!
Promotions and rewards vary as players rise through the ranks of the VIP club. The higher your status the more rewards
you earn! Huat ah!

Monthly Free Bonus - 100 200 300 400 ???
Birthday Bonus Credit 18 108 188 288 488 888
Once-a-Month 50%
Deposit Bonus Amount
200 400 600 800 1,000 1,688
Monthly Turnover
- 100,000 200,000 350,000 600,000 Invitation
Membership Period Basic
Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Lifetime
  1. VIP CLUB program is only for registered members of WClub.
  2. WClub reserves the right to terminate or amend any VIP Club membership and privileges at our sole discretion.
  3. Privileges may not be transferred, sold or traded in any way.
  4. Sharing of accounts is strictly disallowed. Only the individual named when registering for the WClub account may play under that account.
  5. Any attempt to abuse the VIP Club program will result in termination of membership and forfeiture of all accrued rewards.
  6. Monthly Free Bonus will be subjected to 5x turnover across any of our games before withdrawal can be made.
    EG: Free Bonus for VIP Level 1 = SGD 100, 
    Total turnover required = SGD 100 x 5 = SGD 500
  7. Once-a-Month 50% Deposit Bonus will be subjected to 20x turnover across any of our games before withdrawal can be made.
    EG: Deposit SGD 100, Bonus 50% = SGD 50, 
    Total turnover required = SGD 100 + SGD 50 = SGD 150 x 20 = SGD 3000
  8. General WClub Terms & Conditions are applicable.